This Album By Jade Rose Uses Free State FX Modular Synthesizer From Her Local Public Library

If you happen to live or visit Lawrence, Kansas in the United States, we'd highly recommend you check out the public library where you'll find an awesome modular synthesizer... or watch these videos.  

A public library isn't the first place you'd think of visiting to play a modular synthesizer. For Jade Rose, a musician and sound designer from Kansas with a professional background in creating sound effects libraries and synthesizer presets, that's where she goes to play the Freestatefx Modular Synthesizer. It's one of the instruments that helped to create the evocative and dynamic sounds on her new album, Moonstone.

A modular synthesizer room in every public library woudl surely be a good thing for the world?... Hold that thought. We'll return to the public library modular synth below. First we'd encourage you to check out some tracks from Jade Rose's album Moonstone.

Moonstone takes the listener on a dynamic and moving journey, that is likely to evoke a range of emotional states. The album was primarily composed and sequenced in the open source software modular VCV rack, as well as Native Instruments Reaktor 6 Blocks. Many of the sounds were then re-recorded with an Arturia Microbrute. Jade also made use of the Free State FX Modular Synthesizer in her public library.

We contacted Jade who told us her "aim is to create electronic music that is dynamic and emotionally moving. To accomplish this, she employs modular synthesis, guitar pedals, as well as a variety of homemade electronic instruments and software. Her passion is to explore new possibilities of sound design, often pushing the textures in her music to the brink of chaos before pulling them back again."

Aside from the open source software modular VCV Rack, Reaktor 6, Arturia Microbrute and Free State FX Modular Synthesizer, other gear she used on the album included:

  • Cassette deck
  • Eventide pitch factor
  • Electroharmonix mel9
  • NI Guitar rig 5
  • JVC Videosphere
Listen to / buy the entire album here:

OK... so you're curious about this modular synthesizer in a public library? Here's a video from October 2016 with Jade Rose exploring the modular synthesizer in Lawrence Public Library in Kansas with her Korg Volca Beats:

That old warbly cassette deck gives Jade's performance such a gorgeous feel.

Listen to the entire album, Moonstone, here:


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