These Videos Show What The Future of Music With ROLI Blocks Looks Like

ROLI's vision of the future of music making involves an iOS app, portable, wireless Blocks that connect together with multi-gesture input. That's Blocks in a nutshell, but these videos go deeper.  

Last week ROLI announced their vision of the future of musical instruments/interfaces with the ROLI Blocks range. Featuring the Lighted Block, The Live Block and Loop Block. They are wireless, portable and multi-gesture accessible and connect to the ROLI Noise app. 

You can read more about the features here

ROLI have also released a number of videos showing how Blocks work. Here’s the one’s we’d recommend watching:

Because the Blocks connect together, they can be made into a customisable music studio. This makes Blocks expandable and multi-purpose. Very similar in basic concept to how you’d create a modular synth system.

Note: On 1st November there was an issue with the ROLI Noise app update which contained some bugs whereby ROLI Seaboard users couldn't access the keyboard modes amongst other things. ROLI Seaboard users, please check this is fixed before updating Noise.


Prices: Lightpad Block: $179 (£169.95) |  Live Block & Loop Block: $79 (£69.95) each.




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