These Korg Volca Stands Are Customisable With Your Artwork & Logos

Available in MDF, wood or plexiglass, these stands for the Korg volca synths are unique in that they can be customised with your own artwork and designs. They're reasonably priced too.  

Imagine a range of stands for your Korg volcas made from MDF or wood that easily accomodated either two or three vertically. Well, that's not too hard to imagine as there are other stands like this around. But imagine these volca stands with your own artwork or logo on them. 

Customisable stands for Korg Volcas.

Zeracks make interesting stands: not just for volcas, but also for Roland AIRA, Roland Boutique synths, eurorack, Elektron machines and more. They can fully customise the stands for you by adding your own artwork or designs. 

Korg volcas 3 stand MDF

Today we're highlighting the 2 and 3-tier designs for the Korg volcas. Now, you can choose between three diffferent finishes:

  • MDF
  • Wood
  • Pexiglass

These 2-tier stands known as Stand 2 Korg Volca MDF are just 54,00 € with customisable artwork included. Or you can get the same style in Beech wood for just 65,00 €. The three-tier version in MDF will only set you back 92,00 €, and the Beech wood version only 98,00€.

Transparent plexi Volca stands

And there's a plexi version too. 2-tier goes for 76,00€ and 3-tier for 114,00€.

Delivery times are described as 48 hours for France and 3 to 8 days for international orders.



Learn to use the Korg volcas in your studio and live:


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