These 3D Printed Synth Modules Allow Hearing Impaired To Experience Sound

These synth modules are more than the sum of their parts. Looking like they're inspired by Lego, LittleBits and a blender(!) they can help the hearing impaired experience sound and synthesis.  

File this under wonderful, tactile and awesome. UK based Dimitri Hadjichristou has created synth modules called Vi seemingly inspired by lego, Korg LittleBits, and a blender! It's designed to help children with hearing impairment experience music making by seeing and touching the sounds they control.

Hadjichristou has studied cymatics and has explored alternative ways we experience music at the University of Edinburgh. His latest project, Vi, involved collaboration with a students from Donaldson’s School for the Deaf in Scotland.

Children from Donaldson School playing with Vi.

Children from Donaldson School playing with Vi.

The principle behind Vi is that “users create a custom sound wave by sticking together the magnetic components however they please. Each component creates different sounds and effects having different affects on the matter inside the glass-dome.”

You can see it in action here:

And of course, in the same way that LittleBits is inherently accessible as a learning tool for synthesis, Vi could also be used to teach the basics of synthesis too.

Thumbs up to Dimitri! 

Learn about synthesis here

[Via: 3Ders]

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