The Solos Release Trve Blakk Darkness Soundpack On

The team behind Hollywood trailer soundtracks including Alien Covenant, Black Panther, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and more have releases a new, dark sound pack. Here's the details.  

Amsterdam, NL and Los Angeles, CA monday 20 May 2019 - We’re doomed to present you an epic library filled with the blackest sounds from the Norwegian forests. A dark adventure across the plains of Valhalla. A terrible excercise in human sacrifice, inspired by the blackest of metal. Produced by The Solos’ Thomas Kalksma and Ramon Kerstens, Trve Blakk Darkness is a collection of dark, gritty, ominous 48k, 24bit Black Metal sounds from the depths of hell.
Expect droning, chiling, spacious, and cold-sounding ambiences drenched in reverb and distortion. A tune to accompany human sacrifice in Norwegian forests. The album cover was done by the Evil Stone Twins.

A demosong, Nihilistik Frost Kvlt, of the collection can be heard below, this track is also the official submission for Norway for the 2020 Eurovision Songcontest.

The Solos are known for their trailer compositions and sound design, the company recently worked on campaigns for Alien Covenant, Godzilla King of the Monsters, Alita Battle Angel, Glass, Black Panther, The Predator, Antman & the Wasp, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and many more.

About The Solos

The Solos is a music and sound design house for trailers and advertising campaigns, besides that there is a software division producing music software and the company is working on artificial intelligence music software.

About is a vast library of loops, samples and sound packs powered By Native Instruments,’s growing library of over one million loops and samples has been expertly curated to help music producers and composers.

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