The Secrets Of Recording DI Electric Guitars In Logic Pro

Get a quick guide to everything you need to know to capture DI electric guitar in Logic Pro and use Amp Designer to find a great tone. This video shows you how.  

Guitar recording is one of the fundamental tasks that almost any producer will come across - and for some, it's most of what they do! But there are techniques and procedures that you have to get right to get the best results. In this short video from the course Logic Pro X 501: Studio Series - Recording Guitars, Joshua Carney demonstrates the best way to record Direct Input (DI) electric guitars - a common technique for capturing dry signal to which you later usually add plugin FX.

Logic Pro X 501: Studio Series - Recording Guitars

Using Amp Designer as a starting amp tone, Josh guides you through the steps you need to know to track DI guitar in Logic Pro. You'll also see how to record multiple takes and store them in a take folder for comping later. You'll need to be using the correct input type (instrument) and select the correct input channel, then monitor it through Logic.

Josh explains Low Latency mode and how to manage your buffer settings for live recording, then proceeds to call up an instance of Amp Designer, tweaking its settings to get a cool sound. Activating the click track, he then records some guitar parts and then shows you how to perform alternate takes and overdubs. Check out the rest of the videos in this course for much more on recording and working with electric guitars in Logic Pro X!

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