The Secrets Of Master Buss Compression With House Producer ATFC

Ever wondered how to get that warm, intense finish for your House tracks? With this hands-on demo from ATFC you’ll find out exactly how it’s done!  

Master buss compression is a crucial element in getting a solid and professional finish for your mixes. In this four-minute video from acclaimed House Music producer ATFC, Aydin Hasirci walks you through his techniques for using master buss compression and channel strip presets to get his signature sound, as well as some advice on his preferred mixing workflow.

By playing back the track with the compression both on and then off, you’ll see how adding a subtle amount of processing can help to add movement and coherence to a mix. ATFC then moves on to examining EQ processing at the master buss stage, demonstrating how it can sweeten and add life to the signal. Get the inside track on how a top House producer mixes, by checking out this great video!

Watch all the video tutorials in the Dance Music Masters 113 : House Music in the AskAudio Academy.

Dance Music Masters 113 : House Music

ATFC (Aydin The Funky Chile also known as Aydin Hasirci) has produced multiple top 40 hits as well as Beatport and Traxsource #1’s and has been doing so for decades. This course invites you to look over his shoulder as he works in Logic Pro to create one of his dance floor monsters. An opportunity like this is pure gold!

Aydin talks you through all the stages of his workflow while hammering home how simplicity is key in House Music production. He starts with the beats and then works his way through the bass, vocals and his unique compression techniques. Next, you learn about his plugins of choice and how he uses them. Finally, you get an in-action tour of his simple but extremely effective master channel strip.

ATFC gets down to the nitty-gritty as he reveals, for the first time, his techniques to produce a solid house music track! 

Put yer hands up for ATFC!

Watch all the video tutorials in the Dance Music Masters 113 : House Music in the AskAudio Academy.



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