The Secrets Of Game Audio: Making Loops That Sound Interesting

The game industry is worth billions of dollars, and every game needs music. So why not check out these videos that will explain the industry and the techniques behind creating great game audio?  

Creating music for games is a growing industry. As well as the many traditional games platforms like PC, console and even Mac (yes, they do make Mac games!), mobile platforms like iOS and Android have seen an explosion in the number of games available, all of which need music! But this is a very different discipline to making albums or even to composing for film. The requirements of game creators are entirely unique, with many tiny music cues needed in addition to broader themes and motifs. Here at Ask.Audio we have some top notch online courses to help you learn more about creating game audio, and hopefully even kickstart your career!

Game Audio 201: Creating Music For Games

In this 29-video course from David Earl, you get a great introduction to the world of making music for games. Like all of David’s courses, this course start off by giving you a historical perspective of the video game industry and its music. From 8-bit and beyond you’re transported into the present era where music for games is the state of the art! You learn how to design loops, create what David calls "Dynamic Music Scores and Themes" and finally all about different game states and how to create the essential transitions that tie them all together. This short video explains how to keep things interesting when making loops for games - a vital part of successful game audio!

Watch the full course in the AskAudio Academy here

FMOD Studio 101: Introducing FMOD Studio

Constructing a game audio soundtrack with its multiple layers of interactive music and FX is a very complicated process. That’s where audio middleware like FMOD Studio comes into play. FMOD is designed to work side-by-side with the industry’s mega-game design platforms ensuring that all your music and effects will follow the players’ (and the game’s) every action. This course familiarizes you with all of FMOD’s unique tools and shows you how and when to use them.

So turn off your Xbox (unless you're watching this course on it), download the free FMOD Studio software and join game music “sflogicninja” David Earl as he injects you into the world of FMOD Studio. Mastering this program is a huge step to getting you into the lucrative and challenging world of game audio! In this short video you'll learn about the software's interface. 

Check out the full course at the AskAudio Academy here.

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