The Secret To Making Cool Rhythmic Patches With Native Instruments FM8

Find out how to take advantage of operators, envelopes and noise to make dynamic, fluid and interesting rhythmic patches in NI's flagship FM synthesizer.  

Native Instruments' FM8 is one of the most powerful software FM (frequency modulation) soft synths around, and a staple of modern music production across a range of genres. But you can always benefit from a helping hand when it comes to getting the most out of it. In this video from the course Native Instruments 210 - FM8: FM Synthesis and Sound Design, David Earl shows you how to perform one of the synth's greatest tricks - making rhythmic patterns. 

Native Instruments 210 - FM8: FM Synthesis and Sound Design

FM8 uses Operators to create its sounds and by configuring and layering these, David shows how you can create a dynamic sound with different pitches, tones and rhythms generated by holding a note. By using the Envelope section he also adds a further element of movement and interest to the patch. 

Using noise with Operators is another insider's trick that can be used to get things moving, and you'll see how to quickly set this up. The combination of Operators, envelopes and noise is the key to making the kinds of rhythmic sounds that will suit all manner of productions. In the full course you will see how to make the maximum use of this powerful synth to make unique and very useable sounds for your tracks - so check it out today!

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