The Ploytec Synthesizers 'žÏ€Î»Â² Pi L Squared' and 'žÏ€Î»Â² Pi L Squared Leukos' get firmware

There's new firmware for Ploytec's duophonic synthesizers to be released on July, 9th 2015 at Summer NAMM, Nashville, Hall A booth #649. Not long to go now. Check out the video below to see more.  

Ploytec GmbH/ Germany (July 7th, 2015) (ictw) – Ploytec, the German makers of ultra small footprint synthesizers „the say the best things come in small packages“ release a new firmware for the Ploytec „πλ² Pi L Squared“ synth. The new "V2.1rev1 firmware" automatically recovers to a (programmable) default speed if MIDI clock suddenly stopps – an essential feature for users of sequencers like e.g. Ableton Live.


Firmware V2.1 adds a new HQF (High Quality Filter) mode, doubling the filter resolution, plus Legato Playing, MIDI Portamento Control, two new preset sounds and the ability to freely assign all 128 MIDI Controllers to any of the available controllers via the Mac OS and Windows software editors.

Audio demo:

Further Information:


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