The MPV Story: Behind the Scenes 10 Year Documentary Film

Every great company, product & service has a story. This mini-documentary film tells the story of our parent company that has empowered creatives across the world through online video training.  

It’s All in The Story: Behind the Scenes at MPV

AskAudio Mag is not an island. We’re actually part of NonLinear Educating (parent company of ourselves, AskVideo and macProVideo). macProVideo was our first big thing, founded by Martin Sitter 10 year ago today. And since then it’s rapidly become one of the most trusted online education sites on the planet, bringing video training for audio and other creative software to you, wherever you are.

It’s only a year and half ago that AskAudio burst onto the scene as an online resource focusing on written tips, news, reviews and interviews for musicians and producers. But, it’s only thanks to the success and popularity of macProVideo that we exist. 

Watch the Documentary, "macProVideo: How it All Began":

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So how did macProVideo capture the hearts and minds of thousands upon thousands of creatives like you and me? Check out this excellent documentary film on the history of macProVideo and Martin Sitter’s personal story. For me, somehow after being a customer and infiltrating the MPV family some 8 years ago, I’m now writing to you as the editor of AskAudio… but the pre-story is much more fascinating!

Here’s to the next 10 years for macProVideo and AskAudio!

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Rounik is the Executive Editor for Ask.Audio & macProVideo. He's built a crack team of professional musicians and writers to create one of the most visited online resources for news, review, tutorials and interviews for modern musician and producer. As an Apple Certified Trainer for Logic Pro Rounik has taught teachers, professional... Read More


Congratulations Martin (and team). Great and inspiring backstory. : >
Fantastic story, makes me want to work for MacProvideo!!! Huge well done to everyone involved and big thank you for the amazing courses, through the education on here in entirely changed my direction in life and I'm loving it.
I'm glad you guys did what you did! I know I have really benefited!!!
btw, LOVE the background Chill House music, Martin!
Thank you for the kind words, sjc, Yosser, and DJ Micaiah! It has been quite an adventure ... and one that continues!

Yosser, I am inspired by your comment. We do this all, so that others can have an experience like you! This is what education is all about ...
Seria necesario, el poder elegir el idioma de los tutoríales, traducir el audio de los vídeos creo que seria un buen comienzo.

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