The macProVideo Story: Bill Burgess on How he Began Creating Video Tutorials for Logic Pro

It’s the 10 year anniversary NonLinear Educating, (parent company of macProVideo, AskVideo and AskAudio Mag). Bill Burgess is one of their veteran trainers for Ableton & Logic with good reason.  

As part of our 10 Year Anniversary of NonLinear Educating, we spoke to a number of our star trainers to find out their stories and how they became involved with one of the pioneers of online video education, 

In today’s video, Bill Burgess explains how he became involved creating video training tutorials on Logic Pro & Ableton Live for macProVideo... from the early days when he met now CEO, Martin Sitter, at Apple and Steve H during an Apple training course.

Stay tuned to this space tomorrow! The 24th February is the big day and we don’t want you to miss out on something special we want to show you…

About Bill Burgess

Bill has a special place in the hearts of many of us at macProVideo… and his style is popular amongst his loyal audience. Not only does he teach you how to use the software, but he brings a unique humor that doesn’t distract from the know-how, but compliments it. I’ve often found I remember functions in Apple’s Mainstage as a result of remembering one of Bill’s jokes!

Find out more about Bill Burgess’ training here.

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