The Kosmonaut Is A Strikingly Beautiful Handmade Analog Synth

You may have seen the Kosmonaut handmade analog synthesizer before. There's been no word on this anticipated synth since 2012... is it about to see the light of day some 5 years later?  

Looking like something out of a minimal sci-fi film from the 70s, the elektrokosmos Kosmonaut is the latest analog synthesizer to emerge on the scene. Actually, this Swiss-made synth is not strictly new. After some investigation we found that the company attended Muiskmesse 2011 and were even featured by the German version of Engadget. Today Peter Drozda shared the elektrokosmos site in his Facebook group and we are hoping this indicates impending availability of the Kosmonaut.

A close up of the controls on the Kosmonaut

We're unable to find prices on their website but are hopeful pricing and dealer details are coming soon as stated. At this stage you can listen to audio samples and find out about the spec.

Please be aware the last activity on the Electrokosmos Facebook page was around 2012. The big question remains whether this beautiful synth will ever see the light of day... we hope so!

elektrokosmos Kosmonaut

Then there's the design of the Kosmonaut. The clean simplicity of the Kosmonaut's control panel, comprising 46 potentiometers and 14 rotary switches) is pleasing on the eye. There's no LED display to distract from the metalic controls. And the sides reveal the internal analog circuitry and wires through what we think is plexi glass. All the above make the Kosmonaut an object of beauty we can't stop staring at. 

Here's the full feature set:

  • VCO 1:  Waveforms: Sin, Saw, Tri, Pulse + PWM, W. Noise, C.Noise, FM, VCO2 Sync Range 10.7 Hz - 23KHz
  • VCO 2: Waveforms: Sin, Saw, Tri, Pulse + PWM, W.Noise, C.Noise, FM , VOL. RMO
  • VCF 1 and VCF 2: Multimode VCF, LP 12dB, BP 6dB, HP 12dB, Notch 6dB, Extern In, 
  • ENV 1: Multimode ENV, 6 ENV Modes, (Mode-1 VCA1 + VCA2 ADSR), (Mode-2 VCA1 + VCA2 AD), (Mode-3 VCF1 + VCF2 ADSR),  (Mode-4 VCF1 + VCF2 AD), (Mode-5 VCA1 + VCF1 ADSR), (Mode-6 VCA1 + VCF1 AD)
  • ENV 2:  Multimode ENV, 6 ENV Modes, (Mode-1 VCA2 + VCA1 ADSR), (Mode-2 VCA2 + VCA1 AD), (Mode-3 VCF2 + VCF1 ADSR), (Mode-4 VCF2 + VCF1 AD), (Mode-5 VCA2 + VCF2 ADSR), (Mode-6 VCA2 + VCF2 AD)
  • VCA 1, Exp.
  • VCA 2, Exp.
  • LFO 1: Range 1HZ - 10KHz, Waveform Sin, Saw UP, Saw DO, Tri, Pulse, Midi-CC to CV
  • LFO 2: Range 1HZ - 10KHz, Waveform Sin, Saw UP, Saw DO, Tri, Pulse, 
  • Sample and Hold
  • Mixer, VCA1 + VCA2
  • Master Volume
  • RMO, Ring modulator, EXT in + VCO
  • Mixer, VCA1 + VCA2 + RMO
  • Potentiometer 46
  • Rotary Switch 14
  • Midi Learn Button, Rev. Note/0V + Midi Controller Setup
  • 1 Midi IN, 2 Line IN, 1 Stereo IN CV/GATE, 1 Line Mono OUT5 x LED, Power, LFO 1+2, ENV 1+2
  • Power Supply, 100V - 240V AC / 35W
  • L x B x H, 440 mm x 310 mm x 170 mm
  • Weight 6,8 kg
  • Fully Handmade
  • No Mechanical Connection inside
Kosmonaut analog synth power connection



Price: N/A

Availability: TBA

[Via: Peter Drozda on Facebook]



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