After wading through a flooded Paris, I made it to the 140th International AES Convention in the Palais de Congres convention centre, June 4th to June 7th. Here's the best music tech from the show.  
Posters Session—Event speakers participate in an informal Q&A session while standing in front of posters explaining their respective published papers and research.
What would a convention for and by audio engineers be without world class mixing consoles on display? The Avid SL6 console taking live sound to the next level.
PMC continues to wow listeners with accuracy that defies belief.
Jody Thorne, sales and marketing manager for Prism Sound gives a lecture on sound quality in digital audio interfaces. 

Immersive Audio

Professor and researcher Nuno Fonseca demonstrates software that uses particle systems in audio—allowing a sound designer to place audio events on 1000 or more “points” in a 3D space and then manipulate their behavior.

Audio Production: Streaming Loudness vs. Loudness Standards 

EU “safe” levels for exposure to sound over time.

Acoustics: Dealing with Issues in Small and Odd-Shaped Spaces

A lecture on small rooms and budget acoustics looks at optimal bass trap designs.

Active Acoustic Bass Traps

The AVAA is so compact and unobtrusive I didn’t even notice it until the PSI representative asked what I thought it was.

 Virtual Reality Mobile Head Tracking

Spatial and 3D Audio Software


Shane is an SAE certified audio engineer, sound designer, composer, and audio consultant. Working with Tokyo based media agency Ultrasupernew and creative game agency Playbrain, he creates audio for TV, music and sound for product launch events, and web audio content for major multinational firms such as Red Bull, SuperCell, Heineke... Read More


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