The Future of MIDI? Yamaha Debut Wireless Bluetooth MD-BT01

Caught up in a collage of cables? Weirded out when wielding too many wires? Then Yamaha's MD-BT01 could be the way forward for connecting your MIDI device to your Mac or iOS device.  

Down with cables! Down with the wires! Bring on wireless tech for musicians!

While many of us dream of wires (yes, that’s a clever reference to the film of the same name and modular synthesis in general), it’s nice to feel liberated from them too. With bluetooth over MIDI now providing realistically solid performance, Yamaha’s new MD-BT01 is exactly what many of us will be using in the future.

Simply put, it allows you to connect multiple MIDI devices like drum kits, keyboards, controllers, synthesizers, etc to you Mac, PC or iOS device wirelessly. Awesome.

Here’s Nate from Yamaha describing how it works and his own experience using it at NAMM 2016:

And here's the Yamaha video promo to help you really get in the mood!

The MD-BT01 has a USB MIDI version too called them UD-BT01. Both have an MSRP of $79.99 USD and can be found in UK for under £40.



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