The Fundamentals Of Mastering For Vinyl

Mastering for vinyl has its own special set of considerations. Luckily Joe Albano is here to demystify the process using some specialised plugins from the Waves Abbey Road Collection.  

Vinyl is more popular now than it has been for many years, but mastering your music for vinyl requires a different approach to other media. Luckily, Waves offers a couple of plugins in their Abbey Road Collection that are modelled on the amazing hardware found at the legendary Abbey Road Studios made famous by The Beatles and many others. In this short 4 minute video, Joe Albano explains how vinyl differs from other playback formats and how you can master specifically for it. 

There are quite a few differences between mastering for digital and for vinyl, such as much lighter limiting, checking for mono compatibility, center and side processing and more. Joe explains why these are important and also how you can use them to your advantage. Check out the other videos in the course to learn more about mastering for vinyl! 

Watch the full course Waves 202: Abbey Road Mastering Collection in the Ask Audio Academy here. 

Waves 202: Abbey Road Mastering Collection

Abbey Road is known for quality recording in all genres of music. But did you know that their mastering suites are equally renowned? They are, and in this course engineer/producer Joe Albano delivers both a lesson in classic vinyl mastering processes and a complete exploration of the amazing Waves TG12345 and Vinyl audio emulation plugins.

Joe’s in-depth explanations of the actual equipment used (consoles, lathes, turntables and cartridges) combined with his detailed breakdown of the Waves plugins gives you a complete understanding of the WHOLE process. This, in turn, makes you both a better producer and mastering engineer. We guarantee it!

So, learn about classic mastering techniques and the Waves Abbey Road plugins (TG12335 & Vinyl) in this intensive 14-tutorial course taught by our most knowledgeable audio instructor/trainer: Joe Albano.

Watch the full course Waves 202: Abbey Road Mastering Collection in the Ask Audio Academy here.

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