The Developer of LayR Synth Releases Auditor, Audio Editor For iOS

Wouldn't it be useful to have an easy to use, efficient, powerful and forward-thinking audio editor for iPad? Your search could end here with the release of Auditor by Living Memory Software.  

As it stands now Auditor already contains all the most important features required from an audio editor for quickly loading, editing and saving audio clips and samples. You can even sit in your armchair and browse files on your PC/Mac and external hard disks using the new features built into the iOS 13 files browser. Anything else is extra icing on the cake and Auditor is a certainly a cake that will get many more layers (our favourite word) of icing as we have lots of plans for future updates some of which will move Auditor into an interesting territory. ...

Auditor for iPad single file editor

Auditor for iPad single file editor.

Auditor for iPad multilayer audio editing.

Auditor for iPad multilayer audio editing.

Auditor Feature Overview

  • A fast, modern and efficient audio editor for the iPad touch screen designed for rapidly chopping, blending and editing audio files with as little fuss as possible.
  • Making full use of the latest advances in the iOS filing system. 
  • Extremely simple import and export directly to and from any location in the Files environment.
  • Import and export to and from many file formats.
  • Macro based multi-file batch format and rate conversion direct from the file browser.
  • Single file and region based multi-layer editing modes with mixable bouncing to new layers.
  • Loop tools for creating crossfade loops and (planned for a near future release) tools for slicing and stretching. Full multi-step undo. 
  • Rapid and efficient locating, scrolling and zooming.
  • Customisable Tool Bar andTransport Bar,(choose which editing functions you want available on buttons). 
  • Connect to a Mac or PC via SMB file sharing and edit files from your computer hard disks using the in-app browser. 
  • A simple record function with support for hardware inputs from attached audio interfaces. Light and dark colour themes. 
  • Split screen and Drag & Drop compatibility.
Crossfading loops in Auditor.

Crossfading loops in Auditor.

While Auditor already has a solid feature set, much like the popular iPad synth LayR, we've been informed by Living Memory Software that the upcoming features in development will take this iPad audio editor to a whole new level. Although not officially announced, we understand in time Auditor will feature slicing and stretching. And all without the bloated feature set present in a DAW.

Auditor is an iPad app only and requires a minimum of iOS 11. (iOS 13 is required to browse and edit audio samples direct from another Mac or PC).

Price: Auditor is on sale for a limited period at only £6.99.

Available: Now



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