The Coolest Kraftwerk Synth-Inspired Wedding Cake Ever?

This might not be one of the most realistic synth cakes ever, but considering the occasion and backdrop it's definitely one of the coolest.  

As far as synthesizer cakes go, we've covered (and even created) some pretty cool ones. But we've not come across an occasion for a synth cake as  curious as this one. A wedding.

Now a wedding synth cake is one thing. A wedding ceremony Kraftwerk-style with a Korg ARP Odyssey cake is something special. And that's exactly how David and Ella Kraftwerk (yes, that's the name Ella married into) decided to celebrate their union in January this year.

Korg ARP Odyssey synth cake


According to the Tampa Bay Times, "David's obsession with Kraftwerk started when he heard the song Autobahn at the age of 11.

"It polarized me as a child," David said. "I grew up for the most part in Winter Haven, this sleepy town surrounded by orange groves and I was the nerd with piles of science fiction.

"My friends listened to Merle Haggard or Kiss and Van Halen and none of those things spoke to me. Then I heard Kraftwerk."

David and Jennifer Kraftwerk tie the knot in style.

David and Jennifer Kraftwerk tie the knot in style.

The happy couple tied the knot in style with to an electronic version of Here Comes the Bride and "behind Kraftwerk decorated podiums and a red backdrop".

No prizes for guessing what the inspiration for the rest of the music playlist.

Synth fans worldwide will surely appreciate this unique wedding ceremony and synth cake. If you've come acrcoss any other tasty synth cakes or pies let us know. 

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