The Bastl Kastle Is A Pocket Modular Synthesizer That's Fun & Kind On Your Wallet

Bastl Instruments have announced their latest new synthesizer. And not only is it super kind on space (table top or shirt pocket), it's also extremely affordable and plays nicely with other CV synths.

We thought the Bastl Instruments BitRanger was small. Apparently Bastl like synthesizers to become even smaller. The new Kastle synth will fit in your pocket with some room to spare. It's about the same width as a Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator, but aprox. half the height. Granted it's thicker... but it certainly is tiny!

Kastle looks to be a great entry synth for beginners and anyone looking to create unique lo-fi sounds with its "complex oscillator and LFO stepped waveforem generator". Plus it plays nice with other synths, comes in DIY kit or pre-assembled, and has a crazy low price.

But don't take our word for it. Here's what Bastl Instrumens have told us about their intruiging new mini modular synthesizer:

We are proud to introduce the Kastle ! Pocket size modular synthesizer that runs on batteries and produces unique modulations and lo-fi sounds. It is a lot of fun on its own but it also interfaces smoothly with other gear and greatly enhances modular system of any size. With its low price point it is perfect for anyone especially beginners!

The Synth version combines complex oscillator and LFO with stepped waveform generator.



Watch the official video demo:

More information:

Bastl Kastle & Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Rhythm.

The Kastle will be first publicly shown and sold at two events in New York and at Noise Kitchen store in Brno, Czech Republic.

  1. Detective Squad Party, 11 Stanwix Str.11206 Brooklyn, NY, will make a demo and start to sell it at 6 pm, Friday 7.10.2016
  2. Machines in Music, Knockdown center, 52-19 Flushing Avenue, Maspeth, NY 11378, 11-6pm Saturday, 11-5pm Sunday, 8-9.10.2016
  3. Noise Kitchen, Kounicova 23, Brno, 15-18h, Friday, 7.10.2016

Features of Kastle Synth

  • mini patchbay with 16 different patch points
  • complex oscillator
  • 3 synthesis modes: phase distortion, phase modulation and track & hold modulation -pitch control with offset and CV input with attenuator
  • timbre control with offset and CV input with attenuator
  • waveshape control with offset and CV input
  • voltage controllable LFO with triangle and square outputs and reset input
  • stepped voltage generator with random, 8 step and 16 step loop mode
  • 2 I/O CV ports are available and can be routed to any patch point
  • the main output can drive headphones
  • 3x AA battery operation with power switch
  • open source
  • possibility of exchanging different LFO and OSC chips
  • comes with patch cables
  • the pattern on the sides varies and every unit is an original

Price & Availability

Kastle Synth Assembled: street price 79 USD (excl. tax) , 79 EUR (incl. tax) order here today - ships in less than a month:
Kastle Synth DIY KIT: street price 65 USD (excl. tax) , 65 EUR (incl. tax) 

Kastle will be available in November 2016.



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