The Ask Audio NAMM Report : Day 2

Matt Vanacoro is on the scene at NAMM to provide you with a daily summary of his favorite discoveries in musical gear. Here is his report for day two.

Day 2 of NAMM has been just as exciting as Day 1! It’s very clear that the major players are returning, as well as some of the best musicians and creators in the business. There’s a lot to see and there were just as many great demonstrations and appearances on Day 2 as there were on day 1! Here are my top 3 cool musical tools that I got to play around with today!

Casio Shows Guitarists Some Love

Casio Dimension Tripper

Casio dropped an absolute BOMB with the Dimension Tripper guitar controller. It was amazing to see a company so famous for their keyboard development get into the world of guitar and effects, but this device was pretty amazing. The Dimension Tripper is a strap attachment that communicates with a pedal receiver wirelessly. You can pull at your guitar firmly with the strap on and the pedal will respond and send expression data to your favorite guitar effects processor just as if you were using a MIDI controller pedal. I tried it out, and it worked like a charm. Finally, guitarists can get ‘in the game’ of making some complex MIDI control happen while keeping their fingers on the fretboard and feet on the ground!

Casio Dimension Tripper


Kemper Goes Truly Portable With the Profiler Player


It’s no secret that we love the Kemper Profiler here at AskAudio - we gave it stellar reviews! Kemper has quickly become one of the ‘gold standards’ to beat in terms of virtual amplification. The Profiler Player allows you to take your more complicated amp / pedal profiles and setups along with you in an incredibly compact package. They have shrunk the profiler down to a stomp box that allows you to load up a select amount of presets and take them with you on the go. This thing literally has the power to play back some of the most complicated setups you might create with your full profiler rig and take them with you in the outer pocket of your guitar’s gig bag. It’s sick, sounds great, and is easy to use!

Korg Demonstrates The Modwave Workflow Along With the Keystage


I was able to get my hands on 2 pieces of gear at the same time while visiting the Korg booth. The new Keystage Polyphonic Aftertouch controller was on hand, and this thing is a beauty. There is *no* wasted real estate, and this controller will fit *very* well into a home studio. The small displays for MIDI information and controller assignments are very easy to read and well designed. It’s light, it’s sleek, and it’s easily my new favorite controller of 2024. Korg had it paired up with the new Modwave module and the results were incredibly fun!

The Modwave module is a compact 19” rack mount version of the Modwave mkII synth. This synth is a monster, and now it can live in a rack in your favorite home studio setup. Korg is really blurring the line between modular and keyboard-based synth here and I love it. 60 voices of polyphony, updated LFOs, and great software compatibility make this the synth to beat for sure. The MIDI 2.0 connectivity with the Keystage made controller information being exchanged seamless. You instantly can see preset names, parameters, and more pop right up on the Keystage screens. If this is the future of MIDI, the future is bright, indeed!

Day 3 is just around the corner

I’ve still only gotten around about 2/3 of NAMM - stay tuned for our day 3 adventures tomorrow!



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