The Ableton Push Upgrade Kit Now Available

If you bought your Push 3 without a processor, you can now turn it into a standalone instrument in just 30 minutes, with the Push Upgrade Kit.

Technology moves fast, but the new Push is made to stay at the heart of your setup for a long time. That’s why the Upgrade Kit allows you to replace and upgrade parts yourself. It comes with easy step by step instructions and everything you need to switch Push to standalone in just 30 minutes.

Free yourself from the distractions of your computer and make Push the centerpiece of your setup for years to come. In Standalone Mode, you’ll be able to record your external gear straight into Push, leave your laptop behind, and control your entire setup on the road, onstage, or wherever your creativity takes you. 

What's an Upgrade Kit?

The Upgrade Kit is used to convert your Push 3 without a processor into a standalone instrument. With the standalone components installed, your Push will be exactly the same as a Push bought with a processor.
The Upgrade Kit costs USD 1049.00 (CAD 1399.00).

What’s in the box?

The Upgrade Kit contains the Push 3 standalone components: an Intel® 11th Gen Core™ i3-1115G4 processor with 8GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD hard drive, lithium iron phosphate battery and heatsink. It also includes screws, a screwdriver, a backplate lifter, and a protective mat. The Intel® NUC Compute Element combines a processor, RAM memory and WiFi. It’s the first Intel® processor to be adapted for Push.

Push 3 Upgrade

Learn Push 3 Now!

Unleash your creativity with Ableton's Push 3! Whether you use it as a standalone instrument or paired with a computer, dive into its full potential with this hands-on course led by Ableton Certified Trainer Thavius Beck.

Ableton Push 3 Explained and Explored Course


As a standalone instrument Push 3 is designed to be the center point of your computer-free music setup, or pair it with a computer to use it together with Live. Whichever version you opt for, Push 3 stands out as a dynamic instrument with responsive MPE-enabled pads, expanding your musical horizons with every touch. In this course, artist and producer Thavius Beck demystify the powerful possibilities of this innovative instrument ....

Thavius guides you through a thorough exploration of Push 3 and its extensive feature set. From navigating content to unleashing the power of step-sequencing drums, real-time recording, and clip editing (including note velocity, range, probability, and more), Thavius has got your back!

Discover the intricacies of melodic pad layouts, get hands-on with MPE pads, and delve into the art of crafting and manipulating clips and scenes using the New and Capture buttons. Thavius then unveils techniques such as warping, converting audio to a Drum Pad, slicing samples, and maximizing the potential of Simpler.

Thavius doesn't stop there... He explores the integration of effects into audio tracks, delves into MIDI effects, and shares insights into recording and editing automation. Learn how to efficiently organize your clips and scenes in Push 3's Session View, effortlessly transfer files, and take control by configuring Pedal inputs for CV outputs, connecting with external gear, and more.

If you're ready to take your music-making to new heights, join Thavius Beck in this course, and let Push 3 take the spotlight of your musical production!


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