The 808 Drum Machine Shoe Is Real: Roland Team Up With Puma

Remember those super cool concept 808 inspired trainers/shoes by Margo Neeley? Well these don't look anything like those... but they look nice as Roland partner with Puma for this lifestyle product.

It was almost 12 months ago that AskAudio helped the concept Adidas and Roland TR-808 shoes by Margo Neely & Daughters go viral. The brands seemed to fit perfectly. Then everything went quiet.

Now Roland have teamed up with Puma, not Adidas, to announce a TR-808 drum machine inspired sneaker, PUMA RS-0 Roland. 

There's no word on actual release date or price, but here's what they tell us about the new drum machine shoe:

Los Angeles, CA, April 12, 2018 — Roland Corporation has teamed up with the global sports brand PUMA to unveil a new TR-808 inspired sneaker, the PUMA RS-0 Roland. The partnership brings into focus Roland’s iconic TR-808 drum machine, credited by many as the spark that lit the flame of hip-hop music worldwide.

PUMA and Roland’s new project is a story of reinvention, with PUMA just launching the new RS-0 shoe as a reboot of their classic ‘80s Running System (RS). PUMA chooses to partner with the world’s most influential and creative brands, individuals, and institutions that push culture forward through innovation in design, style, technology, and more. '80s icons Sega and Polaroid were also chosen by PUMA for this collaborative launch.

This exciting collaboration also extends Roland’s longstanding commitment to innovation and to continuously shaping the sound of modern music while setting music technology standards for the world to follow. Roland too continues to innovate with elevated versions of their revolutionary ‘80s-era TR-808 drum machine, most recently with the debuts of the Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer and TR-808 Software for Roland Cloud this March. As a renowned global influencer of music, technology, and culture, Roland’s mission is to develop products that allow people all over the world to feel excited and creatively fulfilled.

Puma RS-0 Roland inspired by the TR-808.

Roland and PUMA couldn't have struck these similar chords at a much better time. The result is the PUMA RS-0 Roland sneaker with a cool nod to the past but very futuristic in every way.

The PUMA RS-0 Roland draws style from the future-retro look of the Roland TR-808’s multi-colored panel of switches, knobs and LED lights. The sneaker features a premium leather black upper, micro perf vents, 6mm flat reflective laces, reflective midsole details and signature TR-808 colors – red, orange and yellow, on the Formstrip. Familiar notes like “Rhythm Composer” and “Bass Drum” accent the midsole and compliment the orange-hued translucent rubber outsole. PUMA and Roland branding are on the tongue label, footbed, and the anodized metal hangtag.

PUMA formally unveiled the PUMA RS-0 Roland at PUMA’s global launch of the RS franchise in Berlin, Germany, a city that not only epitomizes “old-meets-new” architecturally but is also home to one of the world’s fastest growing and most influential music scenes.

Roland Corporation Vice President of Global Key Influencers Brian Alli added, “Roland is honored to collaborate with PUMA, and we’re looking forward to bringing our story of musical innovation to PUMA fans worldwide.”

Remember these? The Margo Neeley concept 808 & Adidas shoes.

Remember these? The Margo Neeley concept 808 & Adidas shoes.

These sneakers look great. They probably wear well to run in... Don't get me wrong we like them... but they don't grab us in the same way Margo Neeley's original shoe design and idea do. We're curious to know what you think about this new design from Puma and Roland. Will you be running in them?

For release information, please follow @roland_us and @PUMASportstyle on social. 
Interested in checking out the original concept Adidas & Roland 808 trainers from last year? Click here:



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