Tenorio-on in HTML5 in Your Browser

Remember the excellent Tenori-on? Now you can play it in your browser thanks to this Javascript and HTML5 implementation (with lovely color animations).  

A few years back Japaneseartist Toshio Iwai and Yu Nishikori (Music and Human Interface Group at the Yamaha Center for Advanced Sound Technology) designed a new type of instrument that consisted of a 16x16 grid of LED switches. We're talking pre- Launchpad, Maschine, Ableton Push, etc…

Anyway, enough history. Google is your friend for anything Tenori on. What you might enjoy is this cool javascript implementation of the Tenorion using HTML 5. It's a bit too much fun to play with, so make sure your boss isn't around if you're at work ;-)

Tenorion HTML5

Via: Thanks to Reaktor Player on Twitter   

Play here: http://jabtunes.com/labs/jtenorion.html

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