TekkZoo BunnyKicker Is A Virtual Drum Synth With Character

BunnyKicker, yes, 'Bunny' and 'Kicker' is a new drum synth plugin with plenty of sample layering potential and sound mangling potential.  

There's a new interesting plugin kick synth, BunnyKicker, from TekkZoo inspired by analog instruments of old.

Here's the press release from TekkZoo on BunnyKicker and the video too:

The wait for the TekkZoo Instruments BunnyKicker is finally over! News about the availability got out earlier this week on http://bestsynth.com

With the introduction of Steinbergs VST Sound format we see the rise of a new wave of virtual instruments.
BunnyKicker is one of those new breed instruments. In this case a kick creation tool with character.onsisting of three layers and an effects section.

Kick synth layer

The first Layer is a classical drum synth inspired by analogue classics such as the 808. Including instabilities and dirt. The twist is that the sound can be way more aggressive in higher frequencies. This gives the synth itʼs very own distinct style with crisp transients.

The second layer allows for loading of your own samples via drag and drop from the file explorer or from the included field recording samples. The sample layer features a tilt filter allowing you to keep either only the high or low frequencies in combination with the other layers.

Finally this is topped off by a noise layer based on the inharmonic noise source from the advanced HALion 6 Wavetable oscillator. It comes with a perfect collection of noises and inharmonic transients to add that extra impact in your transient design.


We got the following comment from the developer:
 “A lot of sweat, love and work has gone into this project. It first started out as a solution for my own projects, but feedback from friends and other professionals alike showed me that this is a good solution for everybody who wants quick and inspiring kicks with impact and character. This motivated me to open a shop and share this with you. The next animal is already in the pipeline, so keep your eyes open for TekkZoo Instruments.”

TekkZoo Instruments BunnyKicker is available right now on https:// bestsynth.com

Disclaimer: Please note that TekkZoo Instruments BunnyKicker is not to be confused with the computer game of the same name available here: http:// www.gamedanteam.com/


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