Teenage Engineering Teases New Product. What Could It Be?

NAMM 2017 is just 2 weeks away. That means new music product announcements from some of the biggest and most respected music machine brands. Teenage Engineering has started their teaser early...  

2015 saw the arrival of the first three Pocket Operator synths. 2016 saw that PO line expanded to six and a preview of the upcoming OP-Z mini synth based on OP-1 engine with an advanced sequencer. 

So, what is this new product Teenage Engineering are teasing? What do we know? What can we tell you? 

We don't know. Nothing. Nothing, yet.

We might learn about the new product(s) being released/announced at NAMM 2017 (17 days away and counting) beforehand... but we won't be telling you about it then either, until we get the green light. (Yes, I know. Annoying for you, but someone in the music media industry has to have some integrity ;)

What new machine would you like to see coming from the Teenage Engineering labs? Tell us by choosing an option below:

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Here's the teaser from teenage engineering:

So, aside from the OP-Z, which you can watch a preview video of from NAMM 2016 below, what could the new Teenage Engineering product be?




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Edward T
No where on their post did they mention a new product... they said they are bringing a "new Product Catalog to the NAMM show". In other words, a redesigned catalog featuring their current lineup and yet to be released (but already shown) product OP-Z.

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