Teenage Engineering EP-133 1.1.2 Firmware Available

TE has just rolled out the 1.1.2 update for their widely acclaimed EP-133 K.O. II sampler, introducing new features and resolving bugs. Follow these steps to ensure your EP-133 is up to date.

An update for the Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O. II is now available with the following new features and bug fixes:

  • While holding fader button, red leds will blink to show which fader functions have been tweaked
  • Hold erase+fader two seconds while stopped to reset all fader levels of the selected group and pattern
  • Group project volume are now reset when loading a project
  • Floppy icon enabled to show when data is being saved and will blink to indicate space is being freed up in the background after erasing a sound
  • USB icon is now lit when there is a connection. icon blinks when there is activity
  • Tweaked envelope release and filter resonance
  • Fixed various stability problems
  • Fixed lost MIDI messages
  • Fixed chorus audio glitch
  • Fixed swapped left/right channels

How to update

Updating your EP-133 K.O.II couldn't be easier. Here's how:

  • Open this link in a supported browser (Chrome, Brave or Edge): https://teenage.engineering/apps/update
  • If you get a pop-up asking to allow MIDI devices, click Allow.
  • Connect your EP-133 K.O.II to your computer with a USB cable, and turn it on.
  • Click Update EP-133.
  • Wait for the update to install.

EP133 KO II Sampling Smackdown Course!

EP-133 K.O.II Sampling Smackdown Course! 

The EP-133 K.O.II is a fascinating and affordable sampler by Swedish company Teenage Engineering. Get ready to "float like a butterfly" and master the EP-133 K.O.II with this knockout guide by music producer Rishabh Rajan! 

Download the EP-133 K.O.II firmware udpate: https://teenage.engineering/apps/update

Learn the EP-133 K.O.II: https://ask.video/course/ep133-ko-ii-explored




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