Tape & Vinyl: 2-in-1 Cassette Deck and Turntable

You thought your smart phone / MP3 player was the coolest, most portable music player? Think again (well, on the 'coolest' bit). Ion Audio's Duo Deck does portable turntable and cassette deck in one.  

So, you still can’t bear to let go of your vinyl records. Heck, you’re probably adding to your collection if stats from last year’s vinyl record sales are accurate. And you’ve just gone re-discovered a box full of old cassette tapes. You know the ones with bootlegs and mixtape that you were thinking about last summer, but thought you’d never find again.

Now all you need is a portable device that’ll play back your precious cassette tapes and priceless vinyl records, and how about we avoid the “I might lose the music and memories on these” fears one and for all and digitally record them to MP3 or any format via a USB computer connection?

Ion Audio Duo Deck: play cassette tapes and vinyl on the road or at home.

Ion Audio Duo Deck: play cassette tapes and vinyl on the road or at home.

You think I jest, or dream? I do neither my friend. Because as The Vinyl Factory have optioned out, Ion Audio’s Duo Deck gives you all that in a small, battery operated machine (with a headphone out socket I might add) for under £60 GBP and around $60 USD.

Looks like music is getting all physical again…

Via: The Vinyl Factory  

Web: Ion Audio Duo Deck

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