Tape Desecration Plug-In Effect, Kiss of Shame, Coming Fall 2016

Infernal Love tell us their upcoming audio processing plug-in, The Kiss of Shame, brings high-caliber tape saturation and degradation to the digital domain like nothing else can. Curious? We are!  

“Something so wrong never sounded so right.” The Kiss of Shame by Infernal Love stands in a league of its’ own in the crowded category of tape emulation plug-ins. Not only does The Kiss of Shame provide second-to-none analogue tape emulation but expands into territories that have yet to be addressed within the digital domain at all. Through painstaking next –level measurement, analysis and DSP modeling processes, The Kiss of Shame refashions the sonic symptoms of magnetic tape degradation into a robust smorgasbord of coloration and FX processing tools.  

Celebrate the past…without being stuck in it

Choose between two distinct tape types: 

S-111 – A legendary format which dominated the era of the 50’s up until the 70’s. It was one of the highest quality reels manufactured and thus became the go-to reference tape most engineers set up their tape machines with. Its emulation in The Kiss of Shame also serves as its very first appearance in digital form. 

A-456 –The modern low-noise/high-output classic used on countless recordings with emulations found in an array of software currently on the market. However, none quiet like this as some unique tactics were employed in digitally recreating this staple format. 

All design iterations of Kiss of Shame to date.

All design iterations of Kiss of Shame to date. 

Weathered from Weather 

Choose between several simulated storage conditions to inflict the sonic ramifications of factors such as magnetic particle instability, oxidation, lubricant loss, tape pack expansion/contraction, “vinegar syndrome” and more upon the source material. Users can even choose a “Hurricane Sandy” setting to access processing modeled from tape immersed and then recovered from the storm’s flood waters. An “Age” knob allows the user to legislate the amount of hypothetical time the selected tape type has been subjected to the chosen “Environment” to manipulate the severity of the corresponding effects. 

One mans’ obstacle is another mans’ go-to plug-in feature 

Factors like Print-Through (aka: Bleed Through) and mechanical-caused speed fluctuations proved to be frustrating dilemmas for the engineers dealing with physical magnetic tape. Despite this, they have become paramount attributes of classic records. The Kiss of Shame recreates the full spectrum of these factors like Drift, Wow, Flutter and Scrape-Flutter which the user can implement with the center “SHAME” knob as well as toggle Print-Through on and off with a corresponding switch. 

The current Kiss of Shame interface.

The current Kiss of Shame interface. 

Reach out and touch tape 

The Kiss of Shame is the world’s first tape plug-in with animated, interactive reels. A simple click (or touch) and drag function enables the user to access authentic analogue tape flange in real-time the traditional way, without two physical tape decks and in a fraction of the time, right from their DAW. This (along with all parameters on The Kiss of Shame) are fully automatable. For enhanced screen real estate and complete customization, the reels are also collapsible. 

THE KISS OF SHAME is also fully compatible with all DAW’s that support VST and AU plug-in formats. The AAX version for Pro Tools will be released shortly after the initial AU/VST launch. 


32 / 64-Bit; AU, VST, VST3

Minimum System Requirements: 


  • OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later
  • Dual Core Intel Processor 
  • 2GB+ of RAM recommended 

(AAX and Windows version launching late 2016 / early 2017!)

Pricing & Availability

The Kiss of Shame will be released at an introductory price of $229.99* ($249.99* original MAP) via the Infernal Love online store and select pro-audio and music instrument retailers. A free 7-day fully-functional demo will also be available. 

*all prices excluding taxes

For more information, please visit: www.infernalove.com



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