Takete is an Audio/Visual Performance Tool for iPad with Impressive Features

Bringing the best of both audio performance and video performance worlds into one iPad app, Takete could well be the next big thing for music and AV performers. Check out the video below.  

Rather than performing using a laptop running Ableton Live plus a video program, controlling one or both with a MIDI controller or an iPad and then trying to perform live whilst also coordinating the audio and video effects... you could just investigate Takete for iPad. Here's what the developer tells us about it:

Based on the phenomenon of synesthesia, Takete offers fine control between audio and visual elements to create immersive and tightly integrated AV works.

The flexible architecture allows audio and visual elements to be combined in unlimited ways and routed dynamically to suit the performer.



  • Flexible architecture
  • Audio Instruments (File Player, Touch Loop, Granular Synth, Sample Drum, External Input)
  • Import your own audio and video files from iTunes, other apps and the camera roll
  • Controllers (External MIDI, Matrix and Touch)
  • MIDI Learn functionality
  • Audio FX (Overdrive, Lofi, Delay, Plate Verb, Filter, Compressor)
  • Video FX (Contrast, Repeat, Pixellate, Tunnel, Mirror, Reverb, Posterize)
  • Switchable video blend modes (Add, Subtract, Dodge, Saturation, Multiply, Divide)
  • High quality video output to projector using VGA, HDMI and Airplay
  • Professional audio quality
  • Record video and audio output
  • Extensive automation available

Recommended for iPad Air 1 or equivalent.

Web: http://refinedstochastic.com/takete.php

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