Take Effects in Reaper

Every DAW allows you to apply effect processing per track... but Reaper has another option: Take Effects. These apply effect chains to different items and Gary Hiebner shows how it is done.  

In Reaper you can apply effect processing to your tracks in two ways. You can either apply it in the traditional form to each track, or you can take it one step further and apply different effect chains to each item in your project. We'll be taking a look at the second approach, which is called Take Effects. This is a nice way to add interest and differentiation to your tracks and arrangement. Maybe you want to try to add a specific vocal effect in the intro, or maybe a different processing to each item on the drum track during a breakdown. The possibilities are endless. Let me show you how this is done.

Step 1 '" FX Chain

With Take Effects you will apply a different FX chain to different items. So pick a track in your project that has a selection of items. Select your first item in the track, right-click the item. This brings up the contextual menu, scroll down and choose '

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