Take Control Of Your Samples With Repitch Mode in Bitwig Studio 2

Modulate playback speed, use key tracking to control pitch, loop, reverse and much more. Bitwig Studio 2's Sampler is deconstructed in this video from certified pro, Thavius Beck.  

Working with samples in Bitwig Studio 2 is a core skill that you'll need to know about to get the most out of this powerful DAW. And of course it comes with its own software sampler - called, helpfully enough, Sampler - built right in to the application. In this short video from the course Bitwig Studio 2 203: Sampler Deconstructed, Bitwig certified professional Thavius Beck explains and explores Sampler's repitch mode - the default mode the sampler is using when you fire it up.

Bitwig Studio 2 203: Sampler Deconstructed

Thavius demonstrates how samples can remain static, playing back at the same pitch whichever MIDI key you press. This can be useful in some situations, but in many cases you will want the sample to adapt to the pitch you choose. You'll see that by enabling key tracking you can make the sample's pitch change with the key pressed.

But this also changes the playback speed of the sample - again, sometimes useful but other times not. But fear not! Sampler has a Speed knob that you can use to manually alter sample playback speed in real time, and this can be modulated as well, meaning it's possible to program scratching-style effects for your samples without needing a turntable. Sampler also has plenty of other creative controls like playback direction, start and end point controls, looping and much more, making it a really useful and versatile tool to have in your production arsenal. Check out the full course using the links below and learn how to master your samples in Bitwig Studio 2.

Watch the course Bitwig Studio 2 203: Sampler Deconstructed in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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