Take Control Of Your Ableton Live Mixes With Parallel Compression

Check out how to use parallel compression to achieve a thicker, fuller sound while maintaining the clarity and character you need. Noah Pred shows you how it's done.  

Live is a powerful environment for producing music and its mixing tools are some of the best in the business. In this video from the course Ableton Live 10 104: Mixing Tracks, expert producer Noah Pred explains how you can use a particular processing technique - parallel compression - to really take control of your signal and make better sounding tracks.

Ableton Live 10 104: Mixing Tracks

Noah shows you how to set up parallel compression using Live's Compressor and Glue Compressor effects. He goes on to explain how this technique involves blending an extreme compressed signal with a more natural sounding one. Using the example of a drum part, he uses the dry/wet controls on the effects to balance the two types of compressed signal, maintaining the character of the original sound but backed up by a more aggressive and thicker version, for a fuller overall sound. Be sure to check out the rest of the videos in the course for a comprehensive guide to mixing in Ableton Live.

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