Take a Dance with Chance: Manifest Audio Announces Chance Engine for Ableton Live

Escape the loop: add compelling variety to MIDI patterns in Process mode – or bring dynamic new MIDI to life in Generate mode.  

Created by Ableton Certified Trainer Noah Pred, Chance Engine is designed to add controlled yet random fluctuations to the most important parameters of incoming MIDI drums, melodies, and harmonies in real-time. Produce musical variations by adjusting the probability incoming notes will play, be held, or change in velocity, octave, and pitch.

PIC 1: Process Mode

Velocity, octave, and pitch ranges are easily configured, while the resulting output can be transposed by semitone or octave, all within a selected key and scale. Note pitch can be randomized with each new note-on message or at specific rhythmic intervals, with three modes of note randomization to choose from: pure Chance, stumbling Drunk, or a Fluid mode based on quantum modeling of particle motion in liquid that results in uniquely lyrical output. All parameters are available for automation, modulation, and real-time MIDI control via any configured controller – and optimized for Push.


Main Process mode features:

  • Randomize the chance notes will play or be sustained
  • Randomize the chance velocity, octave, or pitch will change within constrained ranges
  • Pitch can be randomized every note, or set to randomize at nearly any rhythmic interval for controlled musical changes
  • Three pitch randomization modes: Chance, Drunk, and Fluid
  • Transpose in octave and semitone intervals via two separate controls
  • All MIDI output conforms to one of fifty included scales in any key
  • All parameters available for automation, modulation, and MIDI mapping
  • Fully optimized for use with Push
  • Default Process mode transforms incoming MIDI input according to the controls above; switch to Generate mode to open up new parameters and produce MIDI output on its own
  • Comes with 16 presets, an 11-page manual, and full Info View annotations
PIC 2: Generate mode

Switching from default Process mode to Generate mode allows Chance Engine to produce its own MIDI notes internally. Adjust your base MIDI note manually in the default Internal mode, or set it to Receive mode to change base pitch transposition via MIDI input. Then select a rhythm by combining a metrical base rate with a multiplier, along with optional offset — or go freestyle using millisecond timing instead. Generated output is then probabilistically processed by the randomization controls as described in Process mode. Better yet, use the unique Gate and Side modes to produce vibrant musical conversation between different MIDI tracks.

Additional Generate mode features:

  • Two MIDI modes, with default Internal setting the base pitch of generated notes via note slider; Receive mode takes base pitch from incoming MIDI, allowing you to program melodic progressions within which randomization will occur
  • Three unique playback modes for interactive composition: Free generates pulses regardless of input Gate only generates pulses if incoming MIDI notes are held; while Side is the inverse, only generating pulses between incoming MIDI notes
  • Time modes let you toggle between metrical intervals or milliseconds, with either mode inheriting the nearest interval from the other for seamless transitions
  • Intricate rhythmic control over pulses, with a base rate specified anywhere between 128th notes and whole notes, including dotted and triplet options – while the rate multiplier allows for unique polymetric cycles; for example, a base rate of 16n with a multiplier of 7 will produce a pulse every seven 16th notes
  • Optional offset and multiplier stagger the start of any pulse rhythm with an optional configured same as the main pulses via base metrical offset and multiplier


PIC 3: Generate in time mode receiving MIDI input

Experiment, have fun, and capture your results to new MIDI or Audio Clips by recording them to other tracks in Live. Chance Engine is fully Info View annotated in case you get lost, comes with an 11-page manual, and includes a few different use-case examples – along with 16 included presets grouped by Process or Generate mode.

To learn more, check out their in-depth tutorial walk-through: 

Chance Engine is on sale for €20, available directly from Manifest Audio: https://manifest.audio/allmax/chance-engine


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