Synth Bike 2.0: Drum Machine, Sampler, Analog Synth & Bicycle

What could be better than a drum machine, sampler and analog synth in one? How about if you add a 1970s Raleigh bike to the mix. This video show how this curious machine works.  

From the crazy minds at Look Mum No Computer comes Synth Bike 2.0 a follow-up to their bizarre but brilliant idea of combining a synthesizer and a bike. Just watch the video... and read what they tell us about Synth Bike. It's all enjoyable, harmless, and kind of cool in a fun way. But more to the point is how ingenious it is too.

Finally Synth Bike 2.0

It's a 1973 raleigh chopper with a drum machine/sampler/analog synth built into it in the front panel and top of the frame. Tempo can be controlled by a built-in clock tempo, or the front wheel, so the faster or slower you go the faster or slower the music goes.

Drums live inside a SparkFun Electronics, Inc. Wav Trigger, it has a total of 8 Arduino Nano's in it. And a bit of Music From Outer Space LLC Echo rocket to soften the edges, because it dealt well with the power supply.

Shoutout to Johnny Goddard for helping us film this bad boy in Victoria Park.

Synth Bike 2.0 taking a rest.

Synth Bike 2.0 taking a rest.

Learn more about synthesis (which you can use on bikes, in trains, planes and automobiles should you choose) in the AskAudio Academy here.

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