Sylenth 1 Now 64-Bit AU & VST for Mac, Windows Coming Soon

They say “good things come to those who wait.” And right that that saying feels accurate with Sylenth 64-bit BETA version now available for Mac users. Windows users need to exercise patience though...  

The only reason you’d read this and be upset is if you’re a Windows PC user. Unfortunately, the Windows version is still being worked on, and according to Lennar Digital “will be ready soon.” OK. So not terrible news.

But back to the good news! Sylenth 1 V3.0 for Mac is real and here and can be downloaded by existing users!

Sylenth 1 v3.0

Sylenth 1 v3.0 in BETA for Mac users, coming soon for Windows users...

If you were one of the many producers employing various 32-bit to 64-bit hacks/solutions (like this one or this one) in order to get Sylenth 1 to play nice in Logic Pro X, then prepare to dispense of all the extra hassle workarounds and get back to concentrating on the music itself.

Here’s what Lennar Digital have told us and their Facebook fans:

Although still in beta, the new native 64bit AU and VST versions seem to be stable and ready to release. We decided our customers should no longer have to wait, so it’s available now! This version will work in all 64bit hosts, such as Logic Pro X, Ableton Live and Cubase. No additional bit-bridges such as 32Lives or jBridgeM are required anymore!

Existing customers can download this version via MENU → "Check for updates” in Sylenth1. We are still working on the new Windows versions, which will be ready soon!

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Here's a couple of screenshots of some nice customized skins for Sylenth 1 v3:

Sylenth 1 v3.0 Kautschuck skin

Sylenth 1 v3.0 Kautschuck skin

Sylenth 1 v3.0 Thackery skin

Sylenth 1 v3.0 Thackery skin


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Exciting news! Windows 10 user here. I am a bit of a Synth addict, but I have been on the fence about buying Sylenth because its been over 7 years since it's received a substantial update. Hope the wait for the Windows version is not long!
Wise Fish
Actually the 64-bit Windows VST version of Sylenth has been available for ages, my friend has had it up and running for at least 6 months. See or

It's just taken forever for the Mac 64-bit version to come out and it's still only available as a Beta version after 2 months...

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