Imagine if you could switch between different samples in real-time in Logic Pro X's EXS24 sampler... you guessed it... you can! Darren Burgos shows how to create eclectic EDM leads using this trick.  

Step 1: Make (or Find) the Source Files

Pic 1

Step 2: Make the Sampler Instrument 

Pic 2 

Step 3: Pitch Each Sample 

Pic 3

Step 4: Set Each Sample's Key Range 

Pic 4 

Step 5: Create a Separate Group for Each Sample

Pic 5

Step 6: Select Groups by Different MIDI Numbers

Pic 6

Step 7: Playing/Sequencing a Part

Pic 7 

Step 8: Swapping Out Samples 

Pic 8

Step 9: Save the Instrument for Future Use

Pic 9
Pic 10

Darren started making music on computers when he was a teenager in 1987. His first computer was an Amiga, and when he realized the power of computer-based production, his addiction for making electronic music began. Darren switched to Mac in 1994 and started using Logic Pro. He's been involved in many music projects over the years incl... Read More


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