Surround Yourself With Gusty Winds With This New Surround Sound Pack

These recordings of real wind weather effects come in stereo and surround formats - so you'll be breezing through your productions in no time.  

Here's an interesting one - a new addition to the Tonsturm family of sound packs that provide natural sounds for you to use in your productions and sound design work. This time it's gusty winds - and no, not the kind you're thinking of. Real, outside wind. Here's what the developers had to tell us about this new sound pack.

"Subtle breezes to fluttering choppy wind gusts, this wind ambience sound fx pack will give you highly dynamic wind sounds. We spent 2 weeks in the mysterious and lonely nature of Norway. We found perfect conditions to record outstanding wind ambience sound effects. The white blanket of snow and the freezing cold covers everything and makes the world and nature turn to silence: No rushing brooks, no rain, no birds chirping, no civil noise - just the fluttering, blustery, swirling, brisk sound of magical blowing Wind.

From a smooth breeze to choppy wind gusts, this library offers a wide dynamic range. You can experience amazing wind gusts evolving from silence to full storm level back to silence again.

We used our wide spaced omni rig and pimped it even further to be 100% wind proofed. This time we selected Schoeps CCM2microphones for recording this library. They provide a detailed clarity in the midrange that is very pleasing for wind sound effects in general.

Gusty Winds is the perfect companion to our Rushing Wind sound pack. With it´s gusty and dynamic wind effects, it is different in style, and serves sounds that are nicely complementing our Rushing wind library.

One further note: For more convenience we edited different intensity variations from some of the wind recordings".


  • Over 25 GB in total
  • Nearly 5 Hours of Wind
  • 65 Files
  • Real Surround
  • 96kHz / 24bit
  • Extensive Metadata

Price: $129 US introductory price until 13/November/2018 ($159 US thereafter).


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