Support Crypto Cipher's Quest to Create Indian Virtual Instruments for the Modern Composer

Do you want to see more rare Indian instruments intelligently and carefully sampled as Kontakt instruments? Do you want to support the artists and programmers involved in their creation? Now you can.  

It’s not everyday you see a company creating high-quality sample libraries from India. It involves passion and love towards developing such products from all the team members at each stage of development.

Crypto Cipher was started with just one aim 4 years ago, “Sampling Indian Instruments” deeply & with love so that composers all over world have access to these rare sounds easily. Now they’ve developed the experience to handle this task within their culture, and developed a language which can be explained to Indian artists, performers and the entire team for the authentic production of Instruments. Crypto have created a fully equipped lab to handle major tasks related to sample library development.

Crypto Cipher tell us that supporting them will benefit composers, students and the millennials who want a deep understanding of Indian Instruments and also want to use sample libraries in their production. Basically. we’re talking about making available sample-libraries of rare Indian sounds and playing skills that have been expertly programmed with a deep understanding of the original instruments.

On their IndieGoGo page, Crypto Cipher explain how the funding will help them to pay royalties, go deeper into research of Indian instruments, and ultimately provide the world with access to more realistic and accurately sampled rare Indian instruments. Win Win, right? Well, only if we support their work.

A selection of the Kontakt instruments already available from Crypto Cipher

A selection of the Kontakt instruments already available from Crypto Cipher

Crypto Cipher’s work has been endorsed by a number of high-profile musicians, producers and composers. BT (scores for Fast and Furious, Go, and Monster), David Buckley (Prince of Persia, Gone Baby Gone, Shrek The Halls), Michael Maas (Trailers: Maze Runner, Walking Dead Series, The Amazing Spiderman 2) are all fans of the libraries Crypto Cipher have created.

Read our review of Crypto Cipher's SOLO TABLA here.

Find out more on how to get involved in contributing to bringing rare, exotic Indian sample libraries for modern music  composers (with raga videos) below.


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