Superbooth16: New 4MS Eurorack Modules, including Dual Looping Delay

Find out more about the new 4MS eurorack synth modules given a proper overview at Superbooth16, Berlin. Plus, there's news on the new Modular Addiction Awareness Campaign...  

The synth fun from Berlin continues with 4MS showing us their new Eurorack synth modules. The main attraction was the Dual Looping Delay, and it’s not available immediately, we’ve not got long to wait. It should be available towards the end of April for $415 US. We predict this one will likely be pretty popular.

Watch the video here:

Along with the Dual Looping Delay module, 4MS also had t-shirts, special screwdrivers and a Modular Addiction Awareness Campaign. Most everyone at Superbooth could qualify for this. But remember, admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery…

We also learn about the Synth Library which 4MS are supporting in their local town of Portland, Oregon, USA. This is designed to make synthesizers accessible to those you wouldn’t normally be able to get their hands on them for a number of reasons. Awesome idea and project.

Of course, should they become addicted we’ll be able to enrol members of Synth Library into the Modular Addiction Awareness Campaign! ;)


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