Superbooth 2019: Livestock Electronics Reveals Shepard, Ellis And Leap Modules

A performance sequencer, precision macro controller and Linkable Envelope and LFO with DC offset and Attenuversion join the Livestock lineup at Superbooth 19. Here's the details.  

 Shepard​ - Performance Sequencer

Always wanted a sequencer that can be customised to your system? Want to trigger patterns by hand? And be able to create multiple live-sets without the risk of losing it all?! This performance step sequencer will herd those modules right where you want them!

Shepard is a 6-channel performance sequencer that is designed to be customised to your needs. Each channel has 4 outputs that can be assigned to output v/oct, arpeggiators, gates, triggers, synced lfo, free lfo, adsr envelope or ad envelope. This can even be changed each step to create dynamic and complex sequences.
Per channel there are 256 Patterns of 256 steps each. These patterns are displayed in a pattern launch mode, which allows you to trigger patterns and create an entire live-set! But it does not stop there, the SD-card can be used to back up your live-sets, ready for you when you need it.

Price: Appr. 650,- euro incl tax.

Ellis​ - Precision Macro Controller

Do you want to gradually fade between sounds in a live set? Create chords of up to 8 voices? Or be able to retrieve settings on a module without presets? Ellis is the preset maker for cv inputs!

Ellis is a controller module that allows you to create presets for cv inputs on your other modules. It has been designed to easily go from one preset to another by turning the fade knob or by automating it entirely. Preset selection, morphing and fading can all be modulated with CV, which will ease your way into that next track!

The outputs are V/oct (+-5V), and can be transposed using the trans input. While the trig output sends out a gate or trigger when a preset is changed. This is what makes Ellis great as a chord creator too!

Price: Appr. 260,- euro incl tax.

Leap​ - Linkable Envelope and LFO with DC offset and Attenuversion.

Ever need to apply DC offset or attenuation to your modulation sources? Want to create complex modulations using an ADSR and LFO? Need a heat packing modulation source in a small package? Jump right in and feel the Leap!
Leap is an ADSR and LFO with built in DC offset and Attenuversion. The envelope and lfo are to be used individually, however the lfo's frequency and amplitude can be modulated internally by the adsr to create a complex modulation source or a simple drum.

The envelope stages can be modulated, with attenuversion for the cv inputs. And the lfo responds to V/oct (+-5V) or can be synced to a clock.

Price: 200,- euro incl tax. 10HP

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