Superbooth 2019: AEMIT Presents Innovative Eurorack Modules For The Discerning Synthesist

System 7.5 is a 104 HP powered skiff including ten different modules, forming a powerhouse of a system. Here's more information.  

Berlin, May 2019 - No less than ten different modules (listed below) will be shown in our System 7.5, a 104HP powered skiff with two rows of 3U and one utility strip of 1.5U, the latter being a new subframe standard as proposed by AEMIT.

While the AEMIT name might be new to the outside world, we actually built our first one-off modular synthesizer in 1982, which is still in operation today. Its main principles of no-compromise functionality and outstanding usability are carried over to the new Eurorack system, in development since 2017.

AEMIT modules conform to a WYSIWYG single-function design, with a strong focus on voltage-controlled access to all possible parameters, a very wide operational range, and convenience of use. Our no-nonsense approach to synthesis is build upon decades of experience in both soft- and hardware development and user-interface design. Though rather conventional in looks — not necessarily a bad thing, the AEMIT experience offers extraordinary possibilities with unique functionality not available anywhere else, inviting the intrepid musician to “boldly go where no synthesist has gone before”…

'¨'¨Next to our full system, ready to be tested & heard at Superbooth19, there’s a lot more brewing in the near future…


Some AEMIT modules will be available by mid-Summer ’19, at exclusive world-wide dealerships. Follow-up modules will be released in Autumn ’19.

The System 7.5 skiff with built-in 1.5U Utility Strips and superior power management is expected to be released by year’s end.

System 7.5 Features

  • '¨VCO II - Your daily workhorse analog Oscillator and LFO, with generous in- and outputs.
  • '¨Variphase - Variable Phase Oscillator and LFO, with variable waveform, pitch & phase per output (5).
  • '¨EVC Filter - 4-pole 24dB/Oct State Variable Filter, with voltage control over Fc, Q, Slope & State.'¨
  • EVC+ - Expander to the EVC, linking two EVCs and adding voltage control over Routing.
  • '¨Quadsum A - Four-channel voltage-controlled Audio Mixer & polarizer, with optional 3dB gain (soft-clipped).
  • '¨Quadsum L - Identical to the -A version, adjusted for linear CV duties.
  • '¨QS+ - Expander for both Quadsum, turning them into full-blown quad VCA’s, and adding VC-Summing.
  • Two Gates - Dual analog VCA, one of which has voltage control over its Response.
  • '¨Two LFOs - Innovative dual wide-ranged VC-LFO, with extensive syncing & tracking possibilities, and div/mult clocking.
  • Fluxus - Variable Slope Multistage Transient Generator, with optional self-cycling, and voltage control over Timings.
  • 1.5U Utility Strips offer clever 3-trunk multiples, buffered mults, 3-ch Mixers with offset, Inverters, Polarizers, dual LFOs, vc-Slew generator, stepped & smooth Random generator, and an AD Envelope. The additional Exit module takes care of line level outputs with signal/overload indicators, headphone output, and a handy Mute switch.

Hollin Jones was classically trained as a piano player but found the lure of blues and jazz too much to resist. Graduating from bands to composition then production, he relishes the chance to play anything with keys. A sometime lecturer in videographics, music production and photography post production, Hollin has been a freelance w... Read More


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