Superbooth 2018 Video: ALM Showcases Sampler, DCO and Multi-Function Envelope Modules

An old style hardware sampler, digital oscillator and CV-controlled envelope are among the new Eurorack modules in development by ALM. Check out the details here.  

Eurorack modular designers ALM unveiled 4 new products at Superbooth 2018: a sampler, a mini digital wavetable oscillator, a 5-channel envelope, LFO and step sequencer and a 2HP headphone output. 

The Sampler which is still under developmemt features 8 channels of playback and sampling and reads and writes to USB stick as well as having onboard RAM for low latency performance. Check out the video from Sonicstate for more details about what these modules can do. 

The headphone module should be out in the next month and the other modules by the end of the year, and are promised to be affordable.

Check out for more updates on these new products.

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