Superbooth 2018: Moon Modular Announces M 543 CP Output Module

Moon Modular's M 543 CP is a 4-channel output mixer with voltage controlled volume and panorama per-channel and it's available now. Here's the details.  

Moon Modular has announced its new M 543 CP, a 4-channel output mixer with voltage controlled volume and panorama per-channel with dual stereo headphone outputs amongst other nifty features. 


  • Four-channel master mixer for audio signals and control voltages with master-level control, channel on/off switches with status-LEDs as well as independent voltage controllable input volumes and panorama positions.
  • Master volume control with dual stereo headphone outputs (switchable pre/post master control).
  • Switchable 440 hz tuning aid.
  • Voltage ranges 0-10 volts, panorama control (set at center position) needs -5/+5 for full left/right range.
  • The module is DC-coupled (except headphone outputs) to use it e.g. as a quad input/dual output mixer for control voltages. DC coupling can be defeated via jumpers on the PCB.
  • The module has the original Moog Console Panel form factor.

Link to details in PDF format:

Price: M543 CP – since November 2017  598 EUR
           M543 – now (after Superbooth)  949 EUR


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