Superbooth 1st-Look Video: U-He Civilisation Eurorack Module

U-He's first foray into hardware is a multi-talented audio and CV mixer, sequencer and more for eurorack modular systems. Here's a first look at what it can do.  

Longtime software developer U-He have finally unvelied their much-anticipated first foray into the world of eurorack hardware - the Civilization Eurorack Module. Described as a "polymorphic CV mangling tool", it can also process audio. It uses a clever system of multicoloured backlit rotary encoders to help you understand routing and assign audio and CV signal within the unit. This is a prototype unit and they say the finished version will be more refined, as well as having more clearly defined modes (currently only one of an eventual four modes is completely programmed). 

Features In Brief

  • 4 DC-coupled audio inputs supporting 96kHz / 24-bit with a range of +/- 10v
  • 4 outputs
  • 2 inputs with 14-bit CV
  • 4x4 Matrix Mixer
  • Colour coded endless rotary controls for mixing and assignment
  • Save and load presets onboard
  • 4x4 sequential steps (mode in development)
  • Dual ADSR Envelope mode
  • Polymorphic CV 
  • Quantizer
  • 10HP form factor

The units are expected to be available in limited quantities in August 2018 and cost around 300 Euro including tax. 

More information will be available soon on

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