Studio Secrets: Just What Is A RAID Array And Why Do You Need One?

Using RAID drives in your music setup can mean better performance and data security. Joe Albano explains how, in under two minutes.  

You might have heard the term "RAID" in the context of computers and storage but what does it mean, and do you need one in your setup? In this video from the course AudioPedia 104: Recording Media, DAW And Computer, Joe Albano explains in less than 2 minutes the answers to these questions!

 AudioPedia 104: Recording Media, DAW And Computer

As Joe explains, a RAID array consists of two or more hard drives linked together, almost always in a single enclosure. They can be set up to act together as a single drive, for greater speed and capacity. Or one can act as a realtime backup of the other, constantly mirroring data in case one drive fails. There are other arrangements too, which combine elements of both these approaches. So while the concept of RAID drives might seem technical, it's actually easier to work with than you might think and can bring solid speed boosts and safety through continual backups to your production setup. Check out the full course to learn much more about the fundamentals of using computers to make music.

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