Stop Image Line (FL Studio) From Destroying Genuine Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synth

It seems the fate of one vintage Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synth is in our hands. Image Line propose they will destroy it in a creative way according to votes. We suggest they don't.  

As much as we have a lot of respect and love for Image Line, we can't pretend to be happy about their recent Facebook post...

They have used a classic Roland TB-303 Bass Line synthesizer to create Transistor Bass. That's great. Good news for all FL Studio users of course. BUT, now they are open to destroying said analog synth and want your "votes" via their Facebook post on how "you would like to see it end."

Considering how iconic the original TB-303 has been (and still is) since its release we're finding the thought of it being pummelled into dust a hard one to swallow. Here's what they say:

"Since completing #TransistorBass we now have a genuine Roland TB-303 surplus to our requirements. Vote below how you would like to see it end. We'll produce a video based on the most popular option or the best suggestion. We'll publish the video soon after launching Transistor Bass ..."

But YOU can do something about this. If, like us, you'd like Image Line to auction their TB-303, or offer it as a prize in a contest or even give it away, tell them. Add your comment on their Facebook post.

People. Musicians. Producers. Synthesists. It's time to take action and have your voices heard. Create instruments. Don't destroy them! 

[Via: Image Line on Facebook]

Note: AskAudio don't condone physical or emotional violence or abuse towards music-making machines or software. Music Machines have souls too!


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We're sorry you all fee so bad about the TB-303 but we had to figure out what was inside :

Enjoy & don't forget to check out Transistor Bass :

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