Steve H Brings His Unique Live Synthesis Performances To Two Concerts This Weekend, 1-2 November.

Synth expert, composer and all round musical guru Steve H can be seen and heard performing two events this weekend. Stream it live wherever you are in the world.  

Steve H, NLE publisher, composer and synth expert is bringing his unique performance skills to two live shows this weekend, the 1st and 2nd November. On Friday night at midnight, Steve will perform live on Music With Space WPKR and on Saturday 2nd November, he will appear at The Rotunda / University of Pennsylvania , 4014 W Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA.

Check Out Steve's custom setup and his new track, 'Oceana' below. Steve exclusively plays Buchla electronic musical instruments and all his surround panning is created in Logic Pro X.

Friday, November 1

Friday night at Midnight Steve will be playing live on Music With Space WPKR 103.3 Princeton, NJ. Click on the link below and stream his performance in real time.

Shortcut to live stream:

Saturday, November 2

Steve will be playing his surround live set on Sat, Nov 2 @ 7:00PM at The Rotunda / University of Pennsylvania, 4014 W Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA.

The Event Horizon concert series is a Philadelphia, PA based concert series featuring Ambient, Electronic, Experimental and Space Music. It is held at The Rotunda on the University of Pennsylvania campus in West Philadelphia. (4014 Walnut Street.)

About Steve H

Steve H’s immersive, surround performances have entranced audiences from San Francisco to Berlin. His music with its glistening harmonies, evolving textures and echoing rhythms is influenced by waves, eddies, spirals, harmonigraphics and Fibonacci ratios. It swirls around and through the audience involving them in a 3D sonic journey. Steve’s main instruments are the ones designed by the great instrument maker Donald Buchla who designed Steve’s first “Buchla” in 1976. He sends his variety of Buchla instruments and ZenDrum into his proprietary Logic Pro X surround/quad 3D panning environments and processing algorithms, creating rich audio soundscapes filled with intricately shifting timbres and cascading rhythms.

Steve's website:

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