State Of The Loop Is A Unique Ableton Live Looper Hardware Controller

Fresh off the press is this Kickstarter for State of the Loop. This external hardware controller is the first of its kind to interface directly with Ableton Live's Looper device, ideal for performers.  

We've seen MIDI controllers come and go on Kickstarter, but this one, State of the Loop, is a unique hardware controller and the first ever that gives dedicated control over Ableton's Looper device.

State Of The Loop is a MIDI controller / Control Surface designed to control and monitor Ableton Live’s Looper device. The buttons allow to select and control which Looper is currently monitored / controlled, and the LEDs light up according to the state of the selected Looper device.

It works in conjunction with a Max For Live device named StateOfTheLoop that communicates with Ableton Live via standard scripts (no extra folder or software to install). The device also adds a few features to Live’s Looper device, like arming the track automatically.

You can also plug 2 Expression Pedals to the controller, that will connect to each instance of the StateOfTheLoop device. You can map each pedal to 4 Live parameters using the « Pedals » panel in the StateOfTheLoop device. The pedals are only active when the device is selected (this means that you can control an almost unlimited number of parameters with only 2 pedals !).

Finally, State of the Loop features a « Scenes Mode », where the buttons allow to select and play Scenes and move inside your Live set, the LEDs displaying the color of the selected Scene, along with the 2 first letters of the Scene’s name.

The StateOfTheScene Max For Live device also provides an easy way to set up « Scene Follow Actions » and a big floating window that displays essential information about the live performance.

State Of The Loop is very straightforward to use, has a robust metal case and is 100% made in France.

KB Devices State of the Loop controller

State of The Loop Features

  • Display and control the state of Live's Looper
  • Up to 99 loopers !
  • 2 Expression Pedal inputs with "dynamic mapping"
  • Scenes Mode to launch Scenes and display their color and name
  • Sturdy metal case
  • 100% Made in France
  • USB or MIDI connection for longer distances (up to 15m/50ft)
  • USB powered
  • Easy configuration
  • Weight : 1.7 kg / 3 lb
  • WxLxH : 30 x 13 x 6 cm / 12 x 5 x 2.5 inches

The Kickstarter campaign is limited to about 200 units, including a limited edition designed by French artist Jb Hanak. 

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