Squarp Pyramid vs. Hermod: 2 Powerful Hardware Sequencers Compared

Sequencers! Are programming patterns in your DAW? Or perhaps via your synths built-in sequencer? Or maybe on a dedicated sequencer like SEQ? Well, Squarp have two sequencers which Loopop compares.  

Squarp is a company that specializes in making sequencers – Pyramid and Hermod are the only two products it makes. Pyramid, which has been around for a while, was designed for "regular" MIDI compatible instruments (though it has a few CV inputs and outputs). Hermod, its smaller, modular brother - released a few months ago - was designed with Eurorack control in mind. 

This focus shows, and both sequencers have a massive sequencing feature set: high resolution sequencing, long flexible pattern lengths, polymetry and polyrhythm support, Euclidean sequencing, plenty of MIDI effects and much more – all things you typically see in a DAW, not a standalone hardware sequencer, and certainly not the one built into your synth…

A flexible sequencer can completely transform what an instrument can do – your gear won't sound the same when it's controlled by these two. The question is – how easy is it to get to these features and use them? Successful user interface design makes powerful features accessible with a quick, usable workflow. In this clip I give an overview of the top features of both sequencers, and show how to actually use them, so that you can make up your mind if Squarp have successfully balanced power and usability.

This review includes some of the top new features in Pyramid's beta OS version 3.0, just released last week.


Not sure about the Squarp Pyramid or Hermode? Another hardware sequencer alternative is the Polyend SEQ, which has just received a permanent price cut! Check out the video review of SEQ here: https://ask.audio/articles/polyend-seq-video-review-one-sequencer-to-rule-them-all 

... and the Synthstrom Deluge which, as its name suggest, is a synth too: https://ask.audio/articles/synthstrom-audible-will-reveal-massive-20-upgrade-to-deluge-synth-at-superbooth-2018.

Learn more about Squarp Hermod ($469 USD) and Squarp Pyramid ($720): http://www.squarp.net



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