Spitfire Audio announces Summer Selects

Spitfire Audio announces Summer Selects – Save up to 50% with bundles including three Exclusive bundles – Producer Selects, Core Bundle, and Pro Bundle – as well as 40% on selected libraries.

Spitfire Audio announces Summer Selects – Save up to 50% with bundles including three Exclusive bundles – Producer Selects, Core Bundle, and Pro Bundle – as well as 40% on selected libraries*. 

Each bundle will revolve around the levels of expertise to help music makers choose which products suit their needs the most.
* Exclusions apply [see the FAQ on the Spitfire Audio website]



Pro Bundle


Pro Bundle

PROFESSIONAL BUNDLE £599 / $649 / 649€

Cinematic Must Haves

Save 50% with the Professional Bundle – A bundle which offers three of Spitfire Audio’s most-compelling libraries to-date. Created with renowned and award-winning musicians, for composers, this instantly playable collection will add depth and breadth to your compositions, for creating widescreen, Hollywood scores.

  • Hans Zimmer Strings
  • Spitfire Percussion
  • Symphonic Organ


Core Bundle


Core Bundle

CORE BUNDLE £249 / £299 / 299€

Celebrating the modern and the organic

Save 45% with the Core Bundle – A trio of contemporary sample libraries with an unforgettable and inspiring sound palette, ideal for emotive indie songwriting and modern classical composing. Emotive, eclectic and brimming with new ideas.

  • Hearth & Hollow - Plucked Folk Ensemble
  • Heirloom
  • CDT

Producer Selects

Producer Selects


PRODUCER SELECTS £79 / $79 / 79€

Fuel your creative fire

Save 40% with Producer Selects – A selection of producer favourites. Whether you seek instantly usable sounds, or want to explore your own sound design, Producer Selects will take your productions to the next level, adding exciting colours and textures to your sonic palette — for beginners and seasoned pros alike 

  • Originals Intimate Strings
  • Originals Abe Laboriel Jr. Drums
  • Oliver Patrice Weder - OPW
  • BlankFor.ms - Tape Synths

Selected Libraries


Immerse yourself in a world of sound with a special selection of Spitfire libraries, including but not limited to:

  • Albion ONEThis title comprises a 109-piece orchestra, accompanied by a thunderous cinematic percussion section, recorded at the world-famous Lyndhurst Hall at AIR Studios, London
  • British Drama Toolkit – Made in collaboration with award-winning composer Samuel Sim, this critically acclaimed sample library gives you full creative freedom without the barrier of technology — allowing you to simply respond to the scene in front of you
  • Albion Colossus – Spitfire Audio’s most epic library yet, this gargantuan, all-in-one toolkit pushes contrast, dynamism and intensity to eleven – elevating your scores to breathtaking new heights. Featuring two complete orchestras, chamber and symphonic, heavy chugging guitars, a diverse, hard-hitting set of percussion and drum kits, and epic, widescreen synths, and expertly crafted for ultra-modern scoring
  • Spitfire Chamber Strings – Spitfire Audio’s definitive chamber range – a hugely versatile classic that will enhance your film, TV and game scores and pop records
  • Spitfire Chamber Strings Professional – The Professional edition includes four additional microphone positions and three CPU-friendly stereo mixes by award-winning engineer Jake Jackson
  • Abbey Road One: Orchestral FoundationsA complete 90–piece symphonic orchestra, recorded the same way your favourite composer would: unmistakable acoustics, exceptional players, award-winning sound engineers and priceless microphones
  • Hammers – Created with acclaimed film composer Charlie Clouser, Hammers offers over 1,000 cinematic sounds spanning over 50 different drums, including detailed hits, ensembles, performance loops, and genre-bending warps
  • Spitfire Studio Strings – An incredibly versatile pro-end dry stage sample library, ideal for anything from passionate period dramas to modern Scandi noir. It’s a fit for quirky indie and crisp pop but can also tackle epic film and games scores
  • Spitfire Studio Strings Professional – The Professional edition offers five extra mics, two extra mixes, large band ( and divisi for each section
  • Spitfire Symphonic Motions – Featuring London’s finest string players performing a range of rebowing movements, rhythms and playing techniques, this is an inspiring tool created by composers, for composers, offering the flexibility to design expressive shorts and intricate rhythmic patterns with ease, enhancing the realism of your scores and bringing them to life
  • BBC Symphony Orchestra Core – A full orchestra, offering a large range of instruments performing all articulations, with one mix signal. BBCSO Core has been designed for composers wanting to create instantly professional sounding orchestral music, without taking up too much hard drive space
  • BBC Symphony Orchestra Professional – The Professional edition is the definitive, comprehensive collection for writing professional, world-class orchestral music, featuring 67 different instrument presets recorded on world-class Millennia preamps, including groups and soloists, and 468 techniques, including 45 legatos, for each melodic instrument — as well as a staggering 20 signals



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